CHI-D - Community Health Inclusion Dashboard

NCHPAD - Building Healthy Inclusive Communities

This site was designed to assist communities in collecting data about inclusion of people with disabilities and helping them identify solutions that will make their communities more inclusive.

Why CHI-D?

Community health initiatives often do not provide enough supports for people with disabilities to fully participate in healthy, active living opportunities. The National Center for Health, Physical Activity and Disability develops resources for communities to use to fill these gaps. The two resources your community can use on this dashboard are the Community Health Inclusion Dashboard, and the Guidelines, Recommendations, Adaptations, Including Disability.

How CHI-D Works


Set up your community on the dashboard

Your community can have its own ‘hub’ for gathering data on inclusion in your community. All stakeholders can join the hub to help collect data or view results. Your team chooses the locations that are most important to start assessing.


Collect data for your community

Use the CHI to gather data about your community’s supports for people with disabilities to participate in health promoting activities. This is done through an online form filled out directly on this dashboard.


Review your community health inclusion profile

A strength of using this dashboard is that it will automatically score the results of the CHI assessments that your community completes to provide a well-rounded profile of inclusion. This will help you identify areas your community is excelling at and areas that could use more support.


Visualize your results (coming soon)

You will be able to view your results on a community map, and be able to visualize your results as charts and graphs.

Find ways to improve inclusion (GRAIDs)

Improve Inclusion Through Our Iterative Process

Iterate through identifying which GRAIDs fit best, selecting the best solution and providing feedback.

Identify which GRAIDs best fit

Based on your results, the dashboard will recommend certain GRAIDs for each area of improvement.

Select the best solutions

You can go through and bookmark the GRAIDs that your community team think are most important to focus on to work towards improving first.

Provide feedback on solutions

You will be able to provide feedback on how well a solution worked for your community.

New to CHI?

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